Tower Lane Cafe
Monday-Friday 8:30-2:00                     (860)676-1025
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Egg and Cheese- on English Muffin or toast   $2.00
                                 add Sausage, Ham or Bacon   $1.00
                                 on Hard Roll or Bagel    $1.00
Bagel, Plain or Asiago Cheese -with Butter or Cream Cheese   $3.25
Fresh Assorted Muffins   $2.00


Boar's Head Sandwiches
Maple & Honey Ham- glazed with maple syrup & honey  $5.95 
Cracked Peppermill Smoked Turkey- smoked with Pepper   $5.95
Egg Salad- with yellow mustard and fresh dill $5.95 
Turkey Breast-OvenGold Roasted Breast   $5.95 
Roast Beef- London Broil, rare cap off top sirloin  $6.95 
Everroast Chicken- moist, roasted chicken breast   $5.95
Tuna-solid white albacore, black pepper & fresh dill   $5.95
Chicken Salad- homemade with all white meat   $6.95
BLT-with 8 pieces of hickory smoked bacon   $5.95

All Sandwiches come on your choice of bread: White, Rye, 
12 Grain Wheat, Herbed Wrap, Hard Roll or Pumpernickel

With your choice of: Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Horse Radish 
Cream Sauce, Deli Mustard, Mayonnaise, Honey Mustard, 
or Pepperhouse Gourmaise

Add Swiss, American, Provolone or Cheddar Cheese .75
Add Bacon or Roasted Red Peppers $1.00